December 2018

7th December 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







Pippa – using her sounds to read phase 2 high frequency words.



Krystianpractising his handwriting to make his letters smaller


Max – being a `try-a-tops` & not giving up has helped to make lots of progress in phonics.







Dominic – for reading most of the year 1 common exception words.



Brodiewriting a letter to `Eric the elf`, remembering his targets.


Finley for drawing 2 pictures for someone who was upset.







Darcie – for working really hard to catch up with the maths she missed while she was poorly.



Reubenfor real focus and excellent work in both maths (subtraction) an writing (an acrostic poem)


Ayla – for always trying her best, behaving well and being a kind, considerate friend.







Ruby – Mrs Pratt has told me on a couple of occasions how well she has been working in Art.



Abbie times table focus, really pushing herself & getting closer and closer each time.


Freyareally supportive when people are upset, helps when unsure in lessons.