December 2016

2nd December 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Star


No Awards Given Yet

No Awards Given Yet

No Awards Given Yet





Freya – knowing positions in a line, left and right and position language such as `between` & `next to`.


Tyler – writing an explanation as to why dinosaurs are extinct using good spelling and spaces.


Kim – always polite and offering to help and working hard.




Harry – for challenging himself and extending his maths homework.



Illy has made such good progress in writing this term. Chooses words carefully, structures sentences well and still remembers punctuation!



Lewis B – for being a really helpful class member and good role model. (Quietly gives things back to children, picks up things in the cloakroom etc, without being asked).





Harvey – for working hard on `Missing number` problems`



Eliza – discussion text.


George – being a good role model and working hard.