Bike It!

'Bike It' PE with Mr Dailey
Friday 18th November 2016 was another wet day for our planned 'Bike It' PE! Mr Dailey and his Year 4 helpers were not deterred and continued to set up a course for the other children. Reception were first and went carefully around the track to try and meet Mr Dailey's target. This was followed by Dolphins, Turtles and finally Puffins completing time and lap challenges. Despite the horrible weather a fun morning was had.
'Bike It' Blog Written by Kieran Simmonds (Year 4)
Guess what guys! Arthur in year 3 has exactly the same bike as me, I wasn't prepared for that.
The 'Bike It' event was great, lots of fun and it was impressive that it got everyone involved.
Highlight of the day was the amazing effort from a boy in year 2 who had a bike with no pedals.
Fall of the day goes to Oliver, we hope he feels better. Other fallers include Kieran and Samuel who fell off but recovered quickly to carry on.
Here are the lap totals for each year:
                           Laps                 Target
Year R                 13                     10
Year 1                  16                     13
Year 2                 19                     16
Year 3                 20                    20
Year 4                 25                    25                          (Total for Year 3 and 4, 20+25=45)
Oliver (year 4) Toby J (year 4) and Callum's (year 3) scooters caught my eye because they were unusual and very cool.
Year4 did the most laps and won. Well done to everyone for participating in the event and making it so much fun.
Thank you for reading, until next time, cheerio!

Last Thursday (13th Nov) the whole school took part in an afternoon of Blinging their bikes and scooters.

The pupils used recycled materials to decorate their chosen mode of transport.

After the classes has been given time to bling their bike or scooter up to the max it was time for the parade.

After everyone had paraded a winner from each Key Stage was announced by the judge Mrs Hunt and prizes were awarded by Mr Sawyer.

On a wet Thursday morning, as a school, we managed to cycle a combined distance of 98 miles. That is the same distance as Milborne St Andrew to Dartmouth in Devon. We were only aiming for Lyme Regis! Well done everybody.