Weekly Awards

29th April 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Star


Isabella – for using story language when sharing a story with a Pre-school child.

Keenan – for using his sounds to write a message to the `aliens`

Kim – for being a kind friend and helping Pre-school child know what to do.




Leo – reading poems out loud to the class.

Willow – writing a new version of a story using exclamation marks and full stops.

Ava – for helping a child with their maths and saying “helping people is really fun”



Brooke – persevering with `Lexia` in spite of missing guided reading and happily accepting the compromise of doing lesson. Also stepped into `the play` with, little rehearsal & helped her group out.

Samuel – showed interest in writing, when writing a short recount of his trip to Thomas Hardye`s ICT day. Lots of enthusiasm, which is lovely to see.

Betty – positive `can do` attitude. Sees the positives in all situations. Spoke to a visitor yesterday & that person was very impressed by how friendly and confident Betty was.



Edward – read a diary entry out with enthusiasm, tone and expression.

Ashleigh – for using conjunction to extend her sentences – she could even place the comma in the correct place when writing a subordinate clause.

Kristian – for showing enthusiasm in lessons, confidence to contribute his ideas and he is conscientious when presenting his work. A fantastic first week!