30th April 2015
Last week year 4 had the opportunity to go to St Mary's Middle School. We took part in some orienteering. Oreinteering is when you use a map and photographs to help you find familiar locations.
When we arrived Mr Dailey and Mr Sawyer were there. We went with Piddle Valley First School and saw some familiar faces from Hooke Court.
Our first activity was when the Year 7 sports leaders showed us some of the facilities at St Mary's Middle School.
Our second activity was picture orienteering. We got our pictures and went off hunting for the object or place. It was hard at first because the pictures weren't very obvious, even though we had a map of the school.
For our last activity we tried something called 'Punch' orienteering. You had to find the location of each hidden code and mark it on the map using a hole punch. The Year 7s knew the key to the code so they could check if your map was correct!