Weekly stars

11th May 2018

                           Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw`  Star








Norbie – for completing his maths challenge at home; with Mums help he counted 2p coins in 2`s



Bea – For using finger spaces when writing her news with Mrs T


Harry – for helping his friends in maths; they were finding it tricky so Harry showed them how to count in 10`s



Krystian – Could find capital letter and full stop & show them to me (when reading his book)






Rosie – learning all her targets at home, spelling numbers to 20, counting to 100 and counting in 2`s, 5`s & 10`s.



Amy – persevering with writing and keeps trying to improve.


Lizzie – always gives her best & strives to improve.


Demi – learning more sounds, saying them & finding them.







ReadingKacey – read both the story and her own writing to Mrs Plant with great enthusiasm & expression, using all the punctuation and graphic clues to help her.



Freya - for an exciting “letter in a bottle” from the pirate ship.  Well thought out sentences to grip the reader.


Joshua – for setting himself challenges to do even better in spite of always working really hard!

Ethan – trying really hard to produce more writing in 1 session and also trying hard with his letter formation.



Kim – trying really hard to use good adjectives to describe the pirate`s journey.







Hattie - for always getting to `think tank` and challenging herself.

Reading Illy – for reading class book with so much confidence.


Williamfor his `World’s Worst Children` story  about `Sad Samuel`


Harvey – for always doing the right thing.