Weekly Awards

12th January 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






Norbie – for blending sounds to read `pat`.



Maisie for thinking about her letter formation.


Krystian for keeping on trying & persevering even when his friends are distracting.


Harry – for knowing kung fu `ha` full stop comes at the end of a sentence.

Sparkle pencil given to Sophia & Esme (name writing in sparkle)






Demi – for saying the sounds which letters make.



George – writing instructions on `how to clean your teeth`. Capitals, full stops: `get`, `put`, `brush` & `but` words used.



Martha C – good listening and helping others who have not listened.


Theo excellent at remembering the phonics he has learnt in a lesson.





Abbie – excellent reading and made up complex questions about text to ask another adult.



Rhia – for a really entertaining recount of the Christmas performance using a great range of vocabulary and self-correcting punctuation.



Joshua – for always presenting work so well both at home and school. Particularly his holiday diary, illustrated well and with rehearsed sentences.



Ethan – for using punctuation well in his power write and making sure each sentence made sense.





Betty – for working hard by coming in ready to read each day.



Max – for working really hard on your spelling.


Samuel – for extra effort with working hard in lessons.


Ezzi – helped to write out class tool-kit by knowing how to use punctuation.