February 2018

2nd February 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




   `Jigsaw` Star








Brodie – for finding a total by counting them all; with a friend he has started to count on.



Harry - for practising his segmenting (spelling) at home.


Maisie – for being a kind & caring friend; helping Esme to zip her coat.


Luke – for using full stops in his writing.






Ben – for working out whether you have to add or subtract to solve a word problem and writing the equation.



Martha S – writing instructions for `How to wash a fluffy dog`.



Jack – excellent behaviour, trying hard with all his work.


Rosie – for reading out her story to the class so clearly.








Isabella & Joshua – model pupils in Maths. They work brilliantly together and always complete all tasks and are keen for a challenge.



Anya –sometimes struggles to write a lot but really focused today to write an interesting `Power write`



Timmy – always polite and happy with a smile on his face. Trying extremely hard in all areas.


Abbie – thinking of more powerful verbs than `said` or adding an adverb to `said` to make it more interesting.







Emi – for solving measurement problems.


Ava for her extra effort in checking her spellings.


Alfie – always kind, helpful and is a good friend to other children.


Kobie – fantastic news report on `Wow` wall.