Dolphins Class Year 1
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This half term our topic question is
"What is the geography of Milborne St Andrew?"
We will be looking at maps, exploring google earth and observing the physical and human geography around our school and local area. 
Take a look at these videos all about maps:
Wednesday is wonder Wednesday, the children wonder what Mrs Andrews will bring in. The idea is for children to experience the 'awe and wonder' of the world around them, to question, explore and experiment. So far the children have explored hedgerow seeds, leaves and fruits, conkers, acorns, fossils, shells and a roe deer skull. They have tasted figs, pomegranates, persimmons, chocolate (although they had to do lots of division calculations first!)
You may change your child's reading book as often as you like. It is always good to read a variety of books so don't feel you have to only read and record the school reading scheme. Please do not change your  child's stage without having a chat with us first.
Thank you
Remember outdoor  PE kits
in school all week.
Please keep a pair of wellies in school all week so the children can wear them if we go outside and for walk and talk when we go on the grass.
Power Write
Each Wednesday the children will complete a piece of writing on their own, increasing in length as their confidence and skills grow over the year. On the Tuesday you will receive an e-schools letter to let you know the subject. We ask you to talk to your child so they are ready with some ideas. If there is no e-message on Tuesday then you do not need to prepare your child. 
To achieve the end of year one expectations children should be able, amongst other things, to do the following. If you wish to do extra work at home with your child you may want to use these. Please remember that children all progress at different rates and that some children did not achieve all the early learning goals in Reception and therefore would not necessary be expected to achieve all the year 1 objectives. If this was the case then they may find the following too challenging to complete but could be working towards some of them.
Thank you for all your support with the holiday diaries.
  • Spell numbers one to twenty
  • Count forward and backwards from 100
  • Count in 2's, 5's and 10's 
  • Know which numbers add to make 10 
  • Say the alphabet
  • Write capital letters correctly and taller than lower case